About Us

Welcome to COCO & MAX. We are a trusted family-owned business, with a love for pets!

We love taking our fur babies to explore nature, giving them endless pats, and of course, we love to feed them the very best treats.

Every business begins with an idea. Our idea comes from being tired of checking ingredients on each package and always having to lookup the meaning and function of every ingredient. The idea was simple, “why not make 100% natural treats by ourselves with only one ingredient”? Simple! and health assured.

We use high quality raw ingredients which are sourced from our local butchers and suppliers. The foods we source for our pet treats are the same foods which are sold for human consumption. We only source the highest grade food and we guarantee the quality and freshness of the raw ingredients used in our air dried treats. We believe that all fur babies deserve the best treats possible and we provide this through our minimal processing of the best raw ingredients.

All of our treats use a slow air dry process to dehydrate the natural raw ingredients.

In commercial pet food manufacturing, to reduce the cost and to reduce the processing time, high temperature and high pressure are used. However, consequently essential vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins are destroyed or damaged, and this results in additional artificial colours and flavours being added to treats to enhance their flavour. That’s why we use the slow air dry method to process our food. Our raw ingredients are cooked using and air dryer set to 70 degrees Celsius, this is a relatively low heat, however it is enough to remove moisture from the raw ingredients. This low heat results in a treat packed full of natural nutrients and flavours. Because of the air drying process used only one single ingredient can be found in the package, and no nasty additives are added to the food. This means your pets can get almost the same nutrients from their dried treats as they can from raw food.

However, the downside of this process is it is slow to cook, the process is time consuming when compared with the high heat/pressure process which is commonly used to dehydrate foods. This slow process takes a long time to ensure all ingredients are indeed dried thoroughly, and dried evenly. This helps turn raw ingredients into ready to eat treats, with a surprisingly long shelf life.

We are here to support you in providing the best quality treats possible. Put your trust in us to provide treats which will make your fur babies happy and healthy.